Welcome to O. Randolph Rollins, PLC, a traffic defense law firm that believes The Best Traffic Defense Is...To Fix The Problem.

We know a conviction of a traffic offense can have serious consequences - fines, license suspensions, even jail time. These penalties can threaten your job.

When you come to us for driving on suspended and other charges, we provide legal advice and practical assistance to help you.

This means representing you before courts and agencies such as Virginia DMV to protect and defend your driving privileges. But it also involves creating an action plan to remove the causes of your license suspension.  In other words, we Fix The Problem.

Here are some of the traffic offenses which can result in license revocation or suspension:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Excessive demerit points
  • Habitual offender
  • Failure to pay court fines and costs
  • Deliquent child support payments
  • No auto insurance

We can help you find ways to Fix the Problem after we learn about your situation and driving record. We welcome your application.


O. Randolph Rollins

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